The Mirror, March 30 - BRIAN WHELAN

TEEN model hopefuls are being put at risk by a new website which promises to help launch their modeling careers.

Girls as young as 16 are posting revealing and even nude shots of themselves to a new networking site in the hope of gaining work as models. presents its as the website where “professional models meet model photographers” but we can reveal that the website is filled with pornographic images of Irish girls, some not even 18-years-old.

The site pairs up hopeful young models with amateur and professional photographers - but no background checks are performed on photographers to make sure they are professionals and are the person they say they are.

The site’s owners claim that pornographic material is not allowed, however many young Irish “models” have filled their profiles with pictures of themselves that leave nothing to the imagination.

Desperate to catch the attention of supposed professional photographers, girls compete to get the most comments on their X-rated pictures.

Worryingly, Irish model hopefuls under the age of 18 have been posting illegal pictures of themselves topless and in provocative sexual poses, not realising their images can easily be accessed by predators.

One underage user, who did not wish to be named as her family were unaware of her activities, explained that she had met a photographer through the site and ended up doing a topless shoot at his studio.

The girl explained that she was told to strip down to a bikini and pose topless for his camera.

The young model-hopeful was first contacted online by a North Dublin based photographer, who had offered to start her off in the world of modeling.

“He didn’t tell me about the legal terms behind underage models doing topless work,” the girl explained.

“He contacted me online. He never told me it was illegal or I never would have done it.”

“After my shoot he gave me a list of a few websites he recommended I sign up for to get my face noticed.”

The girl explained she still wasn’t worried about who the photographers on the site were and would continue to arrange shoots through the site.

“I don’t worry about people not being who they say they are as much as I worry that a website like these can leave space for photographers with ulterior motives to shooting pretty models and also taking advantage of their want for work,”

“This especially goes for photographers who want girls to do TP work…TP work is working with a photographer “Time for Pictures”, essentially your pay (as a model) for your time is the pictures at the end.”

When contacted the site’s owners stated that as the matter was for “law enforcement officials” they were not in a position to comment.

On the site’s forums users discuss the legality of taking pictures of young teenage girls and share advice on the matter.

“Being nude and underage is not a crime. Sexually explicit acts caught on film with minors is. People take things too far sometimes,” one user declared.

“Just look at the hype and mob mentality and everything that is done of anyone underage all the sudden becomes porn.”

Another user added “There may be several reasons one wants to shoot a 14-year-old nude. My personal opinion on it, and yours as well, means nothing in the eyes of the law.”

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