Is Plan B wearing a neo-Nazi t-shirt?

On the cover of this week’s Shortlist Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew (Plan B) poses in a t-shirt of the infamous white power band Skrewdriver.

Skrewdriver were a driving force behind the UK’s neo-Nazi skinhead scene in the 80s and early 90s. Their singer, Ian Stuart, launched the Blood and Honour movement with Nicky Crane, which to this day functions as an international network providing funds for the far-right.

It is very unusual that Plan B would knowingly wear this t-shirt and that Shortlist would stick it on the front of their publication.

He declares his love for Tim Roth’s portrayal of a violent, racist skinhead in the film Made in Britain during the interview.

 Oh mate, Tim Roth in Made In Britain – f*cking amazing

Make no mistake about it Skrewdriver were a nasty bunch, Ian Stuart became a martyr for the far-right when he died in a car crash almost 20 years ago. Each year huge neo-Nazi concerts mark the anniversary of his death.

The band’s past can’t be sanitised and it will never be acceptable to promote them, even in an ironic or supposedly postmodern way. I recently interviewed a close friend of Stuart’s about his life and legacy, they explained that by the time of his death Stuart had become a troubled and violent national socialist. 


Plan B has apologised for wearing the t-shirt. This blog post covered by NME here and New Statesman here.

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